Devil's Den

Devil's Den lies roughly 500 feet west of LRT & was the scene of heavy combat the afternoon of July 2. Because he considered his position poor, Maj. Gen. Sickles advanced his III Corps to occupy the Wheatfield, Peach Orchard, & Devil's Den. John Ward's brigade occupied the ground along the Emmitsburg Rd. near Devil's Den.
Around 4 PM brigades from TX and AR hit Ward's line west of Devil's Den. Soon a second wave of Georgans attacked, taking advantage of a hole in Ward's line. Forced to retreat, Ward was covered by men of the 40th NY & 6th NJ, who were moved from the Wheatfield to an area that became known as the "Slaughter Pen" because of the heavy fighting & casualties.
Rebel sharpshooters soon occupied Devil's Den and began firing on Union troops stationed on LRT. Their fire was deadly as men and officers fell by the dozens. Among those killed on LRT were Brig. Gen. Weed, 1st Lt. Hazlett, whose artillery on the summit provided infantry support, & Col. Vincent.
Elev. 517 ft.